The 3 Homeless Bears are Paul, Sandy and Fiona Noden. We call ourselves homeless bears, because we have "no den". ( Noden = no den ) 

We are embarking on an adventure around North America. Living full time in a truck camper. We have no set plans on where we will go, as long as it's not hot and humid, we are happy! We have been together for 24 years and have lived in both the desert and the beach in Southern California and are ready to experience something new. People say we must be crazy to leave a beach house to live in 100 square feet on the back of a truck, and maybe we are! We have owned a motor home and a fifth wheel in the past. However, we wanted something smaller, so we can park almost anywhere and drive down dirt roads to areas that are only accessible with a truck and camper. 

Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park.

Paul Noden

Paul is retiring after 30 years with the fire service as a Fire Captain at the end of 2014.  He is ready to get a full nights rest without having to run calls. He is also looking forward to traveling down the unknown road.

Sandy Noden  

I retired a couple of years ago after doing hair for 25 years. I have kept busy the last few years painting and doing repairs on the house to ready it for sale. 

I haven't traveled much and am looking forward to the adventure.

Fiona Sunshine Noden

Fiona is a Black Tri Australian Shepherd. She is full of energy and loves to travel! She is happy as long as she is with her pack! Her greatest wish is to someday have a cat of her very own.

Ford F-450 

The truck was the largest we could get without a lot of costly modifications and is very hi-tech. So far we have been very impressed with its ability to haul the camper. The truck is a Lariat crew cab, 4 wheel drive and has the 6.7L power stroke diesel. The only modifications are the Firestone airbags, the Torklift Tiedowns, Fastguns and upper/lower leaf spring overloads. I also added an Aluminess front bumper.

Lance Camper - 1172

The camper is a 2014 model with two slides, a sofa in the rear and all of the conveniences of a motorhome, however, its only about 100 sq. ft. Once you've lived out of a backpack, this camper is a total luxury for us. We added two 95 watt solar panels and dual AGM batteries. We also put a 3" memory foam pad on top of the mattress. We also use an automatic surge protector when hooking up to outside electrical.