Outlaw Rebels!

The RV park that we are staying in has a 31 day limit. After staying for 31 nights we had to leave for a night and start another 31 night stay. There are a lot of parking lots at parks in the area, although you aren't allowed to park there from 2 AM to 4 AM. There is also a recreation area called Fiesta Island, the signs say you aren't allowed to park there from 10 PM to 6 AM. We see RVs parked in both places very early in the morning so we thought maybe the rules weren't enforced. I do not often break rules, so it was weighing on my mind in the days leading up to our check out date. Paul kept saying it would be fine, what are they going to do, ticket us? Make us move? I wanted to go to a nearby RV park, but I didn't want to be a sissy so I went along with parking illegally. We chose Fiesta Island.

As you can see, it's a beautiful spot.

When we arrived around 1 PM there was a bunch of RVs parked there that looked like they were settled in for a while. That eased my mind. We went to bed pretty early, as usual. I kept waking up, hoping the sun would hurry up and show me that we'd made it through the night without getting rousted by the police. At 12:02 AM there comes the dreaded bang on the door, with the accompanying "SAN DIEGO POLICE!" Damn, busted! They told us we need to leave. Shined the spotlight on the rig until we packed up and drove away, following us to the main road. When we went outside, all of the other rigs were gone; we were the only outlaws on the island. I thought I'd feel ashamed, getting caught, but it was more like a midnight adventure. We ended up going over to the other RV park for the rest of the night. Now that the first time we were told to leave a parking spot is over with, I'm not so scared. It might just become a challenge. Watch out for me in your local parks...Renegade parker!