Fiona's hunger strike

So, I thought Fiona was having a blast living in the RV park. Well, I was wrong! She is such a social dog. I hadn't been taking her on walks where she could greet other dogs and people. She was getting walks, but just not in populated areas, like she was used to. We had tried to not leave her for long, for the first few weeks. One day I left her for a few hours to go to a laundry mat and meet Jane for lunch. I came home, she smelled Jane on me and I got the cold shoulder the rest of the evening. The next day she wouldn't eat or drink anything. I was so worried that she was sick. Jane came over with a syringe to force some water down her and as soon as Fiona saw Jane, she ran over to her water bowl and drank a bunch, chowed down all of her food and had a handful of treats! That't when I realized that she had been on a hunger strike! She missed Jane and wasn't going to eat or drink until she got her way! I'm not sure what I will do to please her when we are too far away for Jane to run over to see us. Maybe doggie Skype?