The reason for a South Dakota address

 As a full time Rver, we chose to not maintain a home in any state. We will only have our truck camper as a home. There are a few states that you can establish residency in as full time Rvers. After a lot of research, South Dakota seemed to be the easiest. There are multiple mail forwarding companies that send your mail wherever you tell them to. You use their physical address plus a pmb #, which stands for personal mailbox #. DMV will not let you use a P.O.Box.  I filled out a special form with the DMV, stating that I am using it as a mail forwarding address only, and I plan to visit South Dakota at least once every 5 years, so it is all on the up and up. One reason for choosing South Dakota, is they do not have a personal state income tax, and since we do not plan on ever living in California again, it seemed like a good choice of residency. South Dakota may not be our forever home, but for now, it's where we call home while on the road. On my trip there, I learned that most South Dakotans are genuinely nice, helpful people! Did I mention that is where my good friend Jane is from?