In limbo until Paul retires & my musings

Since we had no idea how fast the house would sell, we had no real plans on when we would start our truck camper living. As soon as the house went into escrow, we made a few campground reservations to get us through the busy camping summer season. Paul doesn't retire until the end of the year, so he will commute from where we are camped. That's the reason we have stayed within a couple hours drive from his work. It feels like we are in sort of a holding pattern until then. Right around the first of 2015, we will leave California, and travel the country. That's when the adventure will really begin. Stay tuned!

We are staying for a month in Big Bear, and are enjoying the cooler weather. The days have been warm, but the nights really cool off. 

I don't have any photos to share yet, because I strained my back and have been camper bound. Paul is taking good care of me. (Paul says, cooking, cleaning and shopping. Just like being at the firehouse, taking care of the children, except here it's me.)

In my boredom, the only thing I could think to blog about was a couple of flies that I made up a story about to entertain myself and Paul. There were two hanging out on the ice chest I was using as a footrest. One skinny and one fat. My first scenario was the skinny one was the boy and had a thing for larger fly girls, a chubby chaser. Slurping up the drop of beer I spilled, using all of his best pickup-lines on her. Then, I thought, well, maybe the big one was the boy and the skinny one a girl, was flirting with him. "Hey big boy, land here often?". I'm not sure if Paul thought I was funny or just nuts. Could be both?

Let's hope I get better soon, so I can write about more than the fly dating scene in camp.