Quick trip to South Dakota

I decided to fly up to Rapid City, South Dakota to get my drivers license and bank account. 

 When the plane was coming in for landing, all I could see were fields out of the windows. Luckily, there was a landing strip! I didn't realize that Rapid City was so small.

 I had reserved a small car, but apparently I look like a soccer mom in South Dakota, so a mini van it was!

My first stop was Cabellas. I never go anywhere without my pepper spray, and since I didn't check luggage, I had to buy some when I got there.  My motto is, if you're not paranoid, your'e not paying attention! 

That was the "secure" after hours room key pick up. There was an envelope with my name and room key and room number, for anyone to access. Also, there was a master kept in there at all times, in case you locked yourself out. See, I'm not crazy for buying pepper spray before check in! And, yes, I secured the room when I came in. 

Of course, I couldn't leave Cabellas without taking a photo with the buffalo out front. You will see in future posts, that I like to take photos with large statues on roadsides.

The DMV was so fast! I walked out after 10 minutes with my S.D. picture ID. So easy and the DMV workers smiled. Not like CA. 

I opened bank accounts, and walked the mall and had sushi ( these days, you don't have to be coastal to have good sushi), and went back to my room for the evening. Yes, I secured it once again! It was early to bed, to wake up for an early flight back to Ca.

I made it back to San Diego with my new South dakota drivers license in hand! New beginnings!