Alrighty then!

 Ok, so I get that most Rvers aren't in our age group. I find it funny that the curiosity of the other campers is so strong. So far, we haven't run into any other people that travel in their Rvs full time, much less other people in truck campers. I've made the mistake in telling people that we live in our truck camper and travel full time. This just makes it worse! They all want to know how we can retire so young, why we are doing it in such a small rig, etc., etc… They will come into our patio area and make themselves at home asking 20 questions, and don't get the subtle queues to leave. Paul isn't a chat with strangers kind of guy, so that doesn't work out so well. I'm the type that can talk to anyone, about almost anything, so I'm no help. Fiona is even friendlier and wants to greet everyone she sees.

Yesterday a fellow camper tried to guess what Paul did for a living, and how we could afford to retire so young. He didn't guess right, and Paul left him wondering. 

I'm tempted to get Paul one of those nylon shirts that make you look like you have full body tattoos. Paul thinks I should just make up a story about how he was just released from prison. I don't think I can do it with a straight face, I laugh every time I think about it! 

 I'm sure this is a problem that will continue as we travel. I think it will make for some funny stories. Maybe I will write a book...